Cold and allergy, treatment of cold

CUTTING: Weakness, headache and complications with health – payment for inattention to such "trifle" as cold. Act fully equipped and win against autumn and winter trouble at an early stage.
EYELINER: To worry winter without cough and cold it is quite real! It is important to begin preventive actions in time: accept course polyvitamins, include more products containing vitamin C in the diet. Also a purple cone-flower tincture according to the scheme will not prevent. If in family or at the office there are patients and you feel that just about will catch a cold, accept preventively amizon (according to the instruction).

Coming back home, wash out nostrils warm water with soap, going outside, grease them with oxolinic ointment. If has felt the dryness in the nose, prepare rather weak infusion of chamomile, Calendula or eucalyptus, filter and cool up to the comfortable temperature. Wash out this broth mucous nose. Still normal saline solution or warm water with a small amount of sea salt is suitable for these purposes. Use for washing the children's syringe or syringe without needle. Gather solution, incline the head back, close one nostril, the second involves liquid, take a couple of seconds and make exhalation. Repeat for other nostril.

Five-ten minutes steam feet in hot water with a tablespoon of mustard powder. After putting on woolen or terry socks, drink cup lime to tea or tea with lemon and honey, it is quite good to add raspberry or currant jam, guelder-rose berries. Put near pillow napkin with eucalyptus, pink, laurel or pine aromamasl. Grate onions or garlic on small grater and five minutes breathe over this gruel from a distance of 10-20 cm.

Few times in day do wet warm (hot steam can burn mucous) inhalation over broth of herbs (Calendula, sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, mint, Melissa, St. John's Wort). If the nose is bunged up, wash out it in the way described above and after it does inhalation.

Boil a couple eggs, slightly cool, turn in a thin towel or heat on frying pan salt or seeds of flax, embankment in a sack and apply to nose bridge. Pay attention: warmings up are good only at the first stages of rhinitis (at transparent allocations), further they can lead to antritis. Any thermal procedures are contraindicated if cold is followed by temperature increase.

If it is not possible to stay at home for a couple of days, without pharmaceutical means, most likely, not to manage. At the first stage of cold (at dryness in nose) oil means (pinosol will approach (in the form of drops or ointment), tizin, Solutio oleosa of hlorfilipt). At mucous allocations (for 3-5 day since the beginning of a cold) homeopathic spray will come to the rescue (for example, euforbium-compositum). At strong rhinitis and bunged-up nose pass to antibacterial drugs (for example, polideksa with Phenylephrinum.

If cold is tightened more long, than for ten days and, especially, is followed by headache, temperature, surely visit the doctor. Sometimes long, mucous, nonstop, but also not amplifying allocations speak not about cold or virus, and about the allergy.