Foreign bodies of throat

Foreign bodies get to throat most often with food (fish and meat bones, glass splinters, tree slices, pieces of meat, grain of cereals). The subjects which have accidentally got to the mouth (nails, buttons, pins, sewing needles, hooks, small parts of toys) and also dentures can be foreign bodies also.

Also live foreign bodies are observed, at the use of water from stream bloodsuckers can get into the oral cavity. Live foreign bodies meet in the countries with hot climate more often.
Hit of foreign bodies is promoted by conversation and laughter during food.

Acute foreign bodies get stuck in stomatopharynx, being implemented into lacunas of Palatine tonsils, palatal handles, the almond located in language root. Large foreign bodies (buttons, coins, pieces of not chewed food, dentures, large meat bones) stop over the entrance to gullet or throat, thus they can close gleam of the throat and cause asthma.

Symptoms: forms, places of implementation and duration of stay of foreign body depend on the sizes.

The main symptoms are the pharyngalgia amplifying when swallowing, feeling of the foreign subject in the throat. The difficulty at food proglatyvaniye is noted, the increased salivation. The large foreign bodies which have got stuck in a drink can violate the speech, cause cough and sharp difficulty of breath.

At the location of foreign bodies in wall of the throat there is an inflammatory process, pain amplifies.

Foreign body of the throat, injuring mucous membrane, can cause a number of complications: throat abscesses (retropharyngeal, lateral), paratonsillar abscess, neck phlegmon, bleeding.
Sometimes complications arise because patients swallow of firm slices of bread. Instead of pushing stone which has got stuck, the firm crust in addition irritates and injures wound.

Help: it is not necessary to delete foreign body independently. It is necessary to ask for the help the ENT specialist or to call "ambulance".