Very often my patients who use Naphthyzinum (Halazolinum, sanorin) come is constant, within many months and even years. Much I receive also letters from such patients. People cannot do without it. Or it seems to them that cannot. I expect their indignation: "It seems? Yes, I cannot sleep without it! Without Naphthyzinum I choke, the head starts hurting, even the voice sits down. Think, I like this dependence on Naphthyzinum? I simply want to breathe nose!”

I understand. But it is necessary to understand also another:

The first. Naphthyzinum does not treat rhinitises. It - only vasoconstrictive drug. At rhinitis mucous nasal cavities swells, the nasal courses I am narrowed, and it becomes difficult to breathe. Naphthyzinum reduces vessels mucous, its hypostasis falls down, and the nasal courses extend. It is the way that you have easier endured the acute period of rhinitis. But the rhinitis reasons, and in particular hypostasis mucous, are not eliminated with Naphthyzinum in any way. It is necessary to treat etiology, but not to try to fight unsuccessfully against its signs. It's all the same that, instead of treatment of pneumonia for months to use drugs to decrease in temperature. Or even so: why to treat radiculitis or osteochondrosis if there are strong anesthetics?

The second. At prolonged use of Naphthyzinum there is gradual accustoming. Time of action of dose constantly decreases, and the dose necessary for simplification, constantly grows. Similar to drug addiction, the truth? One patient showed me the monthly dose - full plastic bag of bubbles of Naphthyzinum - about a liter! You after all understand that it is deadlock way.

The third. Constant medicaments (the violent!) Impact on the mucous cannot but implicate. Sense of smell is lost, functions mucous, including the protection and clearing function are oppressed. There is dryness in nasal cavity, there are crusts. Together with oppression of blood circulation mucous nose blood circulation of brain starts being oppressed, there are headaches, at children progress decreases, there is slackness, irritability, can there will be convulsive manifestations. Quite often sight worsens. And, mechanisms of negative impact alpha adrenomimetiks, in particular Naphthyzinum, sanorin, Halazolinum are still insufficiently studied.
Therefore, dear patients, let's accept one simple immutable rule: to apply Naphthyzinum, galazol, sanorin to simplification of breath only at acute rhinitis within no more than three-four days.

How to fight against dependence on Naphthyzinum? Now to me even more often formulate question quite so. Do not wait for miracles. Anybody will not give you wonderful, curing of dependence, tablets. It is just necessary to collect all Naphthyzinum (sanorin, Halazolinum, nazol) and to pour out. Quite so. The first three days it will be heavy. Then the mucous will start being recovered, and it will be easier.

And chronic rhinitis it is necessary to treat.