The otolaryngologist, he is an ETN SPECIALIST as it seems – mainly the specialist of children's profile. Later on all we worry about our children and at any alarming symptom of "ear, throat-nose" we hasten in the otolaryngologist's office. Passes not enough time – and here already at the slightest pretext and without it the drops and tablets which are carefully recommended to us in the next drugstore by the druggist are used. And it – at best, after all, the majority defers in treatment "to the taste at all". Meanwhile, exactly self-treatment leads to that already to the age of forty years, almost each person for himself knows that represents adenoid disease or chronic cold.

Agree, seldom had you really to worry about "usual" cold? Ignoring of this not so usual process pertinent is not therefore as the nose acts as a peculiar gate to hit of infection, from where afterwards it extends along with nasopharynx, throat and internal ear. Therefore, the nose is the most important and, along with it, dangerous the ENT specialist body by means of whom there is distribution of disease.

All of you also conceive, what consultation of the ETN SPECIALIST – is not so obligatory? And that you will say in response to the statement what frequent quinsies often extremely negatively affect joints, kidneys and heart? Communication is available here, and the straight line. Then, sick almonds are sources of infection of very menacing character for all organisms, after all, exactly from here microbes easily get to any body and area of the organism then treatment will gain absolute other character.

In sight of similar perspective, many patients, having learned where the otolaryngologist accepts, first of all removals of almonds that here, and so it is not necessary to serve at all attempt to achieve from him. It is initially necessary to take away a number of analyses on availability of microbes and in many cases, following doctor's advice and elementary household names, quinsy can be prevented without effort, leaving, thereby, at itself natural protection of the organism which almonds, that is, on the place put by it are.