The adenoid disease

The adenoid disease is chronic inflammation palatal almonds. It is possible to tell - chronic quinsy. What happens to almonds at their chronic inflammation? The greatest changes happen in lacunas of almonds, the soft adenoid tissue, which is supplanted with more solid, connecting fabric is surprised. There are hems, some lacunas of almonds are narrowed and closed and, as a result, the closed suppurative focuses are formed.

In lacunas the traffic jams representing the accumulation of the devitalized epithelium of mucous membrane of lacunas collects (necrosis of epithelium are in principle normally, the old epithelium flaking-off, new grows; but in this case that he does not leave is bad, and remains in lacunas), food particles, tobacco pitches (at smokers), the live and lost microbes, leukocytes. Except traffic jams there can be also liquid purulent contents.

Therefore, in lacunas very favorable conditions for preservation and replication of pathogenic germs are made.he life activity they support an inflammatory process in almonds.

At adenoid disease of almond can increase, but can remain and small. In general, "adenoid disease" only the doctor can get the diagnosis: the preliminary diagnosis - the local therapist or the pediatrician; the specified - the otorhinolaryngologist.