Whether it is necessary to cut the tonsils off?

In due time was reckoned that there are bodies, in the organism the superfluous. Such as appendix or tonsils. And it is better to get rid of them until they have stirred up.

Well, first the person has no excess bodies. The nature, excuse - not the silly woman. It is smarter to consider himself it - thankless task.

Secondly, as for specifically tonsils. Pharyngeal tonsils are adenoid tissue. It is barrier to pathogenic microorganisms. If they are not - one barrier to bacteria less. Means, the infection will get at once more deeply - farther on respiratory tracts.

Also, inflammatory processes in almonds, especially in the childhood, conduct of development of durable resistance. It is peculiar school, or polygon on which the organism fulfills means of fight against infection.

Another thing is that sick, purulent tonsils do not protect organism any more, and on the contrary, are infection source (it, actually, is an adenoid disease). Here everything depends on, whether it is possible to recover function of tonsils. If such opportunity is, it is necessary to treat. If is not present - well, it is necessary to delete. But only the otorhinolaryngologist can solve it!
Remember, removal - irreversible action. Back you will not sew.

By the path, if the hand is wounded, it demands to be cut off?